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Electronics & Information Technology Division

Why Choose Us

Our developers are among the best, of what our country could churn out.
Why not try out our service for once!

Online Support

Our engineers & developers double up as online-support, thereby also providing first-hand analysis of any issue that arises after deployment. You will never be made to wait on those long and tiresome call-hold tones. Ever!

Tech Services

Our team of engineers and developers are one among the best hires who take great pride and passion in whatever they do here with us.
Do not hesitate to call us to speak to them directly.

Creative Services

Our software & web developers are nothing short of any creative professionals. They specialise in wordpress for web-based platforms, and most of everything else in Java and C.

Watch the best Technology in Action

One of the few things we do at our workspace.

We believe in perfection!

We believe in perfection!

Everything that we create, our motto is to make it practical & functional, while also ensuring the beauty of aesthetics is not lost in the process.

We also believe that functionality should override the beauty when it comes to practical aspect of serving the purpose it was originally targeted. We religiously following these 5 mantras' in order to achieve it.

  • Never loose the vision of the goal to be achieved. It is always easy to get distracted, but harder to focus.
  • There is always a way to get it done. Never stop looking out for it.
  • Always ask for help when in need, there is no reason to shy about it.
  • Always keep a strict vigil of your time invested into anything, at work or simply in life.
  • Remember that it takes many drops to create an ocean, keep hard control to not to fill-up the waste bin.

Our Team

There is always a team behind every big thing!

Ashok Revanna

Ashok Revanna

The Mastermind

Always onto something, never quits and hard to play catch-up. But always there when needed!

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Creative head

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Mike Collins

Mike Collins

Technical lead

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